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On examination, the last four inches of the rectum were found pervaded by

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usual flow had lasted five days, she began to have fever, with

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took no quinin, and one prolonged attack of fever three months after coming to

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Definition. Causation. Symptoms and progress : 1. Tic dou-

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BOGDANIK {Centralbl. fur Chir., May 26, 1894), after a continued success,

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necessity of meat as a food for the human race ; also

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a part of the year. It does not seem to me that it needs constant

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^ sure at tbe trochanter major, aggravated by any attempt at fiexion on the

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which atypical Type II pneumococci were isolated. 45 of these cases

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ment, and the woman was convicted. ('Ann. d'Hyg.' 1831, p. 207 : see also

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The patient is first giveo three or four swallows of water,

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since its inception and had come out in favor of it at

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declined an invitation to become court physician at Copen-

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into the wound and pressing hard will stop practically

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matter to one most willing and competent to effect it.

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medical board complains that he is still unable to follow his employment

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Little local inflammation, pain, &c. 4. The treatment, of short dura-

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A remarkable skiagram is here presented. From the lesser

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all probability, they can neither take the place of, nor be replaced

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tention should be paid to their function and every eft'ort

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may have been in those cases secondary to tuberculosis of the breast.

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the one suffers as much from pressure as the other r" If this be the pathology in the

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52.2°, or 0.4° above the average mean temperature for May,

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was not distended. In the right hypochondrium there

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membrane is, also, the seat of a serous effusion producing a mor-

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petli (A ) Coiitribiito al trattainento della fehbie tifoidea.

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1. Blackwater fever is a term that includes two types of hemoglobin-

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parently do believe that pure homo'opathy is all sulH-

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fever by systematic withdrawal of heat. He asserted that by

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brought to an end. Furthermore, Hedin shows that the longer the complex

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weeks after its appearance in Dantzic : but there was an interruption,