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in his earnest and pointed reprobation of this crime against nature and humanity,
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J. B. Bailliere & FiLs, Paris. — H. Thompson, " Le9ons cliniques
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the District Medical Officers without increasing their pay.
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Dissolve the citric acid in the distilled water, and add the solu-
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H. C. Wood in his ''Materia Medica and Toxicology," quot-
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had already passsd their second readings in the House of Lords.
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Amphitheaters ; Large and Completoly Equipped Laboratories ; Capacious Hospitals and
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nature, has been resorted to in some hospitals. One
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al retraction, with a sensation of cold, independent of the air,
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is sometimes moist and coated, and sometimes dry and reddened. The gums
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twenty minutes. An exact quantitative agglutination test (see Widal reaction) is
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gestion, as a consequence of the excitement of the mucous tissue
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The practice was still in the hands of ignorant monks, who
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of pincers in the Naples Museum, fifteen are like what