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favored frequent examinations of women near the meno-
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In tliis survey of the surgery of the stomach I will confine
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Individual Predisposition. — The majority of writers are unani-
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requires. — N. Y. Medical Journal, June it, 1887.
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typical in the C programming environment. The output file is saved and retrieved for
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village, and the almost universal affection of the other two castes? —
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Technique of Maunsell's Method of Intestinal Anastomosis,"
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*' I have never," fays our author, " witnefied finking and faint-
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thing which can be detected by the barometer, thermometer, hyrometer,
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and in its nearly constant rapid course and fatal issue.
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1. The adult Plasmodium of malaria is destroyed in the blood
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manifold ; the most important are : Tumor, gumma, abscess,
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attacks or natural immunity, or from the resistance which many have
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with nasal parjesthesia, preceded by subjective symptoms
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positions of the body and to perform properly the complicated acts
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muscular actions in different animals — adduction in the
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many, or even by all, the signs of Graves's disease — a
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Instantly took to bed with one of her terrible headaches.
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months ago, in a state of almost total blindness, and at first
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disk had been produced by the pressure of the subarachnoid fluid at this
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rose. In fact, tbe death-rate for the whole year had been practically un-
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should be welcomed by student and teacher alike. K.
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the mind are science or truth, only when Uiey are correct expressions of the phenomena and
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Case. — A boy, P. B., aged ten, was admitted to the Mater
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Notes on Spa. Tenth Edition. By T. Cutler, M.D. Post 8vo.
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fraternity. General meetings could be arranged by the National
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sylvania Hospital was obliged to resign, because when-
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sac, caused by the truss, such fortunate results would be most readily
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from the large-cell tumor. I was speaking of saicoma
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we find them, is only the consequence of the state in which the sub-
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were awakened by her groans. The morning atter the examination, I
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much as possible to escape. Pressure on the scleral lip of
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this remedy will, frequently, be found of great service ; and, likewise, in
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morning, the daughter of the deceased came to you and
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the-Year award he received recently from the American Cancer
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monly permits of, or at least does not contra -indicate, the use of soap. That
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try and the arts; and on the important a(^^"^^§®^ 'triples
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condition. The epileptic will fly into a passion about some trivial matter,