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The treatment of lead colic embraces palliative and curative measures.

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common the feature that they occur only at a certain time after the begin-

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has fallen back on the clinical plan, and has, with the skill of

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appearance of the secondary fever. The fourth stage commences

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Life may be destroyed by apno^a, if the respiratory muscles become

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in pure culture of the influenza bacillus in the oldest bronchopneumonic

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panied by colic, vomiting and fever. Yarian,^* in 1896, described a

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As early as 1891 I had operated for intestinal anas-

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of the fingers, which is important in these fractures.

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both sides. The percussion note was hyperresonant, except in the lower

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extensive gland operation it is only 17 per cent. Petersen's examina-

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in accordance with the universal law of polarity. Thus, if this axiom be

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cases of pneumonia so exclusive as, on the one hand, to evade some

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A. B., a phlegmatic Gorman, alioiit forty years of ago, on Frid.iy,

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in such instances, be a sufficient explanation. That is

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2. In addition to the morning dose, large additional ones have been given to

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The patient recovered and continued well. In dealing with the pathol-

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fore the urea is diminished, and urea is the most important physiological

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^i ven. In making beef tea, a pound of finely chopped lean beef will make

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But changing my mind, as I have said, and supposing that there might

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by the insertion of six fine silk sutures, each introduced by

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many, namely, the shortness of the string attached to the lower