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considerations he laid before the House. The Bardoux-Cornil

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conditions, dealt witli in the report, and which are related to

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by a previous attack. From the letter above referred to as

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None of the speakers except Dr. Champneys appear to

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they were only 4 per cent. The uncertified deaths had de-

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I niipr fasf nirisinn.—]. O'Callaghan, (Queen's College, Cork.

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make by-laws as to air space about buildings. It is evident

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most diverse scientific fields. But if we ask what was it that

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ventive cholera vaccination under circumstances which wiU

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had been obtained from persons who had not been in attend-

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be replaced by a siphon trap ; the ventilation of this room

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Class 2 is perhaps the most important, because it provides

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this was the overlying cseoum. Here, however, llie position,

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?.m-d"andhu?s in Seconding the Motion, bore testimony to the valuable

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Case I might have run if it had not been operated ou in time.

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years to elapse before the cataract matures naturally ; then

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slept at lodpirg houses in Govan. Paisley, and Johnstone. An interest-

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sider it necessary to do so. The rules here laid down prohibit the

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88 members claiming sick pay during the quarter, 26 were

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jurisdiction of the county council and district council, and

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do with the matter in anv way whatever : also the duty will not be per-

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XII) in which at the operation the ileum was discovered to be

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laundry are erected in a detached building, and an English

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nary visiting fee instead of the usual consultation honoraiium. (;;) By

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Kirchholf lays little stress upon post-mortem findings. " If

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Passed in Physiology only.— J. 'H.T.'Nunn, St Bartholomew's Hospital j

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secreted. For the first few days he seemed to suffer very

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to see him on the ground that he was not a " destitute per-

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" Arbeiten des Pkarmak. Insiituts Dorpat. vii, 1S91 ; Mikroscop. Untersuch-

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land where exceptions to the rule were made, and I think

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her hand to her eyes frequently) came to me a few days after

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had found that the letter which liad been published by the

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of commendation is hfs statement that in his book " there is

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were 4u7, or more than lt.i per cent., below the corrected average number

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coughing associated with coversyl

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her feeble condition previous to it. I fully expected to have

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Under " Reparative Inflammation " and Wound-liealing, it

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Officer. Salaiy, £S0 per annum, with board, apartments, and washing.

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data supplied and the length of time which a patient who has

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