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fever. Would not a doubt be raised in the mind as to the ap-

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This is the second case of the kind that I have encountered.

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bulance corps, men acting only for the occasion, while

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Steeves has been appointed Medical Superintendent of the Xew

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children before their fifteenth year, it is begotten in

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tions of this method have been tried. For instance, in order to fill in a

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obtain the above return, as it would tend to show the spirit in

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describes in great detail numerous sections in which it ap-

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calls regionary infection, by which is meant that the poison is carried

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that the muscles of the right side are entirely free from disease ;

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other words, these local areas, portals of entry, or primary lesions,

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occurring when the irritation had lasted a certain time ; in the third,

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been kept off the returning transports and its interisland spread has

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are dry, blood-stained scabs. We find a similar appearance on the

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With regard to complicated double hare-lip (Fig. 7), the first

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MAJOR SURGERY: The necessity or desirability of withdrawal of beta-blocking therapy prior to

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The respondent was the owner of a water-closet which had been

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that the cures were of pains and aches and disabilities,

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voyage at the same time, there were six hundred and eighty other soldiers,

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great loss if we got a Pharmacopoeia which would satisfy all.

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showed that the mortality owing to this disease had

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(4:) Joints attacked. These are usually the knee, ankle,

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