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a cry of despair. Uncle Jack — What's the matter, Allie .'*

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Acid. — W. Lublinski refers to an article by Fein in a re-

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fluid yellowish matter, somewhat like tuberculous matter mixed

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lation is terminal; thus, the fingers and toes are perhaps the most

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mainly changed. The body must be recognised — treated, in

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to our knowledge of spasm to suppose that clonic spasm, occurring in

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suffered from deafness, and only in two is it noted that Hutchin-

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sciousness was restored in a half-hour, and I left with

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presence of choroid tubercles. Their demonstration is only possible with the

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remain a very dangerous operation. Our first object is to save

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vertical lines of the superinqjosed stage miciometer;

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or compressed, and the right side of the heart and vena cava overfilled,

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of adults have been attacked ; few of these indeed have escaped, who

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different times. The nose seemed to contain an inexhaustible supply

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form we often meet with a small grain opposite to a grain two or three times

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being polished at the emery-wheel, is certainly dan-

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a short period, and at a time preceding the chill sufficient to obtain

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years are living, except two, who did not die from phthisis."

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served upon him ; Resolved, That his trial be deferred to the next Annual

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through a period of depression to a normal mental condition, these

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confirmed by other operators. Furthermore, the histories of these

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tion of the waters of the Seine, which are used for

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or who are otherwise unfitted for the dangers and hardships of cer-

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cult question in the whole subject of placenta prievia.

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sutured in the upper two-thirds, and a drainage-tube

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ous secretion from the nasopharynx and from her right nos-

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ditions. This is a problem of great interest. If we must reach the con-

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but a nonpulsatile, thoracic bulging had developed. This was 2^ inches

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(e) A postero-internal group (Edinger-Westphal nucleus), lying between the

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between the completion of the structural development of the nervous

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sides, there was no permanent inability to move the head and

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tioDf may gradually incapacitate the patient, who becomes easily tired oui,