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viewed by the local agents ? Then they will receive no more
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is impossible; the determining factor is the mucous membrane of the mouth.
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cent., occurred in males and 3,217, or 26.59 per cent., in females. The
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Runeberg's figures were again discussed by Prof. Salo-
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whether a careful increase in the range of diet, such as is suitable to any con-
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complicated cases they rarely reach 10,000 per cmm., and 4,000 to 5,000
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1. Hypercemia and Hyperplasia. — This involves the lymphoid tissue in
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causation. The proof of the cause of malaria has disproved the relationship
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Procedures were agreed upon by the Dresden convention of 1893, as well as
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co-exist with typhoid fever. In Heymann's cases there was effusion in 10 —
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Sex and Age. — In widespread epidemics the two sexes are equally
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facial nerve, and the left side of the palate became paralyzed. Boulloche
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has advanced far enough to affect the tubular structures we
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himself he found albuminuria with no discoverable cause for
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1883, described his Cryptococcus zantJio genie us and claimed that it was
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slight and disappears rapidly. Putrefaction occurs rapidly. There are often
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of duty to do it. Even the patient may not appreciate what seems to him
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Treatment should consist of the local application of cold to the precor-
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The importance of the appearance of the tongue in diagnosis is very great,
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the degree of deformity, giving an average of 29.8 per cent."
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treated 67 patients at the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, with car-
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tion been made with regard to grandparents on the maternal
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and casts." Greene, 1905, "Hyaline casts represent the
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having a grave prognosis and Curschmann points out that the temperature
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The Reproductive System. — Gangrene of the genitalia is rare in males,
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