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dents of the first year are examined weekly in the several
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raise the depressed bone and no further examination was made. Both ears
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mechanical consequences, especially to permanent dilatation of the vessels
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to take their own stomachs as the standard of diet of their children ;
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is the development of the disease in the first case in this history at
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sary that the St. Lawrence should also depart to some northern port, but
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Case IX. Tahercular Degeneration of Mesenteric Glands;
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issue. The letter is from a man of the highest character
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none that operates at so great a distance. Dr. Haygarth states,
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Village of Canandaigua, N. Y. ; Boston Medico-psychological
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triangular form, its right margin constituting the base of the trian-
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dations for lying-in patients. Dr. J. Marion Sims, late of Montgomery,
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are agreed as to the principle of the thing— namely, the object
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First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, United States Army; Chief Sanitary OflBcer, Third Divbion,
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the excessive generation of flatus within the stomach.
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rounding portions of the cord adjust themselves. There may be great
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the adjacent joint. Although long-term results are not yet
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this. The point of the arrow-head scrapes the bone near the edge of this
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ment generally used. Even when it is boiled in car-
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rales, the physical signs, during a paroxysm, are enlargement of the chest
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the attendants to be more likely to give in than the patient ; for
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much more liable to evident structural morbid change than the cortical sub-
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in April, 1916, in which he also expresses the opinion that the positive Was-
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ing within the brain-stem, so an object on the left (in the left half- field of
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thesia, anesthesia and pain in the femoral course of
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|-.W!fi I-. -(i) I't,.. , w.iii'.Jtd Jiil\ I, loir,, prcH'iited a pcne
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nosis may at times be extremely difficult and impos-
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