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are on the surface or deep-seated. The form of hand to be used is chosen accord-
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There is no evidence that any of the innumerable artificial foods
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her child went to Boston, September 25th, also went Mr. Jobosoo.
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successful by any means, and time has shown that many of its effects are
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tbe heart almost lost; both sounds very feeble, without roughness.
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tbe sternum was then separated with the knife, and that bone turned up-
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been recorded after large or prolonged medicinal doses, and, in an excep-
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jaws remained slightly apart, but were almost fixed, and the tongue could not be
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In treating typhoid fever it is desirable to know what are its chief
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about or the value of ignorance ; for evidence of a more substantial
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to imperfect respiration. This disease is described by Dr. Good, as
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already mentioned. The introduction of spores into the healthy respiratory
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1886, vol. xl. ; Brit. Med, Jour. 1885, 1890. Epidemics : 17. Jacksch. Zeitsch. f. klin. Med.
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minutes. This length of performance was continued for a month. From that
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the hot, moist months is capable of raising the body temperature to 99'9° E.
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as well as from the fact that in some (as seems to have been satisfactorily
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The following standard of movement was reached in four weeks, and
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cured, lived till December, 1834, and never bad another fit
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vember, and continues daily for three months. Afterwards, lectures on
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dorsiflexing the foot, the leg being flexed at the knee. When the tendon
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(1) Abdominal side-shaking applied to the region of the liver, accompanied by
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impossibility of swallowing, each attempt to swallow causing increased
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or with indications of thrombosis or embolism of vessels. In some cases they
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but it may persist owing to the conversion of the inflammatory tissue into
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lar, and interrupted ; and commonly attended with a noise indicative of
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surface of its body ! Is it rational to suppose that if, iimnediately after
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couch to quench the thirst, occasioned by love and wipe, drank a large
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manifested in other forms, as in cancer and actinomycosis. The term
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results arrived at by widely separated and independent observers, afford a
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with the author's prostatic bisector, forming the contiduation of the lec-
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unequivocal evidence that he has really contracted syphilis. This appears
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person In Boston, nor for a longer period than six months.
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[Communicated for Ihe Boston illedicnl and Surfieal Journal.]
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some acute disease with the delirium ; in which class of cases, as
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dies, than the erythematic or eruptive inflammation which arises from
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