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and Diaphoresis are in order. The Education asthmatique means the

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(iv.) Salicylic acid, either in plaster, plaster-muslin, or paste form,

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may involve one or more fingers. As the process advances in ihi. distal

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breathing, with prolongation of the expiration. There is puerile respiration on the

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supplying them. In this affection, in addition to a constant burning

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occurrence fifty years ago. Lead colic received the name of

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or cardiorenal dropsy myxoedema is to be differentiated by the character

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After a week of atropine ointment her refraction was measured

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optical phantasma, no alteration of colour of surrounding objects, no

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As PART of a somewhat extended study of llic physical

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or delirium tremens for, even if the history of the case be unknown,

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Etiology. — A congenital stenosis has been undoubtedly found in a

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1,0('>3 patients were reported positive on admission (24 per cent, in the nose

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In Holland and Belgium, where formerl}^ pernicious fevers were very

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Symptoms in the Ox and Sheep. — Tympanitis is diagnosed by a

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