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pseudobulbar paralysis. Only 34 cases iiave heretofore been
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soon returns. The cure is often incomplete, and, after the lead-colic
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Besides giving in a unique way a perfect picture of the condition of the
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Plates similar to those used in Experiment 1 and inoculated as before were
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12; next a No. 14; then a No. 16, and last of all a No. 18. This is as large
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contagious is eminently appropriate, a fact which makes the prob-
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marked in the morning, but is perceptible when he is asleep with his
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Vol. IX. Page 181, line 9, and at the end of the Paper, for
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the total admissions, who showed evidence of blood in the vomit
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the diseases for the relief of which the remedies are
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better or worse. In all the cases in which I have seen the strepto-
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the vomiting and the distention of the abdomen. Enemata
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rsistent gastric or intestinal catarrh is not infrecjuent, and
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"Historia Forcipum," "pol." has not been reduced to centimetres.
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months ago, in a state of almost total blindness, and at first
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ing it, and also on the manner in which it is supposed to act in the re
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The application of the Carrel-Dakin treatment in acute empyema
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most important. This has been demonstrated over and over again in
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Zn?f t CaSG . V 01S0 ™g> thi * is no m <*e the object of medico-legal research
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our profession (the conservatives and the that the day will come, in fact there is an
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former equidistant from the node usually show negativity before points
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of the oesophagus, which, in such cases, is frequently much thickened,
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24<A. Sent for in great haste at 3j A. M. Found her sinking rapidly;
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emulsion (B. E.). It was apparent that individuals treated with
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high altitudes is also a factor, as there is less earth to retain heat.
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place in your finger-clasp the labyrinthian guide-thread of the most noble
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which, perhaps, some of the morning languor is due, is —
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pulmonary tuberculosis could be made several weeks and occasion-
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Op^ati/yna at University College Hospital, 2 p.m.; Bt. Mary's, 1^ p-in.;