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recent meeting of the b(3ard, held in Wrightsville, N. C,

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changing to violet, to dirty brown, and finally to coppery yellow, not disap-

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adherent to their muscular insertions. As little as

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lege graduate is unfitted for business and has much

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for two months. This was shortly succeeded by pertussis, which had reached

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of the ureter in the bladder instead of being a slit

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a large, foul abscess has been opened, the wound is not generally clean

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abscess containing more than two quarts of pus. The pa-

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the first division of the fifth nerve, the writer goes

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extra work is called conveniently, although not without some impro-

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gestion of the viscera which may exist, but is bene-

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especially if corneal inflammation exists, and each fresh drop is painful,

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of many of the figures, but is well shown in Fig. 29. The anaphase is

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in the vessel in which it was boiled, and removed as

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when a girl. IHness began about a year ago, cause un-

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lieen furnished to hospitals outside of Germany and

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ture from the circulating blood of practically every

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after the operation and the irritative cough dimin-

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no micropsia or false projection. In some cases there were lesions of the

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The Lehigh Valley Medical Association. — The semi-

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for with interest. If the patient is examined with the stethoscope over the

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Vesical Stone and Prostatic Disorders. — In dealing with this subject in

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by many that the increased growth is the direct result of this hyperre-

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goscope will appear red and dry. but upon continued pho-

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gave it up because the medicament is expensive, and

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Sinus-pleurisy. — Koll {Deutsches Arch. f. hlin. Med., Bd. 57, p. 596) reports

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palpitation. From the onset of the acute attack the hic-

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hand and varied to suit the patient. Conjee water — water in which rice is

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by Brieger pathognomonic of sinus-thrombosis. Extension of the thrombus

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had a lively sense of the gravity of this incident in-

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fected thereby, but both ovaries may sufifer a like

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many cases of exophthalmic goitre, and, though I have frequently wit-

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with a clammy perspiration. ^Nly proposition to relieve the right kidney

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been conclusively demonstrated that tuberculin does

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Hess, Louis T., Major, Medical Corps. Assigned to duty

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the real explanation of the disease, no one ever can.

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tulse are present it is well to inject them with an

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Frank ^IcD., aged nineteen yeai*s, single, machinist, consulted me on

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During'the two years he had examined the urine every four weeks, and for

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urine was still free from pus, containing only a trace of albumin and