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what places they were collecting in. As Koch continued to

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The science of anatomy was well advanced at the be-

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tissue extende<l from the pylorus to the surface of the

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vludi tend to weaken the heart will do po<^itive harm. On the contrary*,

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a similar degree an annual oration on the same subject scarce-

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considerable, the orange-red fumes of nitrous acid are not ^^on^o»

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that have been noticed months before on previous occasions — the

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twelve persons, in a population of 7000, will liaire eleven

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ministration of cold baths was practicable with the re-

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The results obtained from Bromidia have been excellent. It combines all advan-

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malarious fever. When the spleen is enlarged, or a leucocythemic

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this one child showed a typical scarlet fever; the second had, in

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valescence and subsequent feebleness. The cases of different inflammations

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The oxygen equipment used to furnish oxygen to the personnel

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pil following voluntary closure of the lids, and is more

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face flushed with a slight purple tinge; eyes injected and bathed in a profuse lachrymal flow,

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Inebriety dejH-nds very freciucntly, as we well know,

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and vagus nerves on both sides, and the cardiac plexus,

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Figure 1. — Number of reported Lyme disease cases, by year — United States 1982-1994.

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nerve element around which, or around groups of which, may be the medullary sheath

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first, that the act of squeezing out the placenta dislodges

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peritoneum, pleura, or both. The false variety is that in which a free

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tors who put patients to sleep and numb areas of the body

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promises to give a result which is not wholly guesswork, but

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" At the two extremities of life; the function of absorption dis-

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in both arms ; the lower part of the left face was paretic, the tongue

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methods of practice — deductions from his own observations to

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extended, and there is now dulness over the lower two-thirds

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que encuentrii la civilizacion de la Am6rica latina. Cr6n.

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Innumerable modifications of the classical operation of

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nation a spot of solidification was revealed over the mid-

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TRKATMEirr. — ^Until within a short time, the treatment of tuber-

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and abroad with very satisfactory results, and I have used it almost

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1. Heat and cold are best applied to the eye by moist pads. They

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filled the complete measure of its usefulness as a sepa-

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