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the Eye, Ear, Xose and Throat, edited by Casey A. Wood,

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jection may be repeated in six to ten hours, while in very severe cases it may

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writing. There is no disorder of intelligence, no lack of ideas, and

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that the cure of a well-marked case of phosphorus-poisoning was

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rate of mortality. Bacteriologic investigation in the field was

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reception of abnormal increased motricity by these muscles ; a

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cision is attempted, the incision should extend one or

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All the striated muscles may be affected, but the smooth muscles are

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by Prof. Daniel Sennert, who advised and superintended its

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jury; and, after being carefully advised on this point by the

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absence of diarrhoea, and the small number of ulcers which

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In regard to the second indication, it may be stated that patients are not

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