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issue, and therefore escaped bacteriolysis. These con-

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In other words, 68 cases had remained well from 3-24

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whom remained unchanged. Eleven were cases of chronic mania, one

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discomfort ; and in the course of two months not only do I find his

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of quinine, both upon the healthy and diseased organism, designed to elucidate those im-

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affiectioDS, depends upon the difference in the condition of the thorax.

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As regards the trouble brought on in locomotive engi-

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perpetuate and intensify the inflammation in peritonitis. It is an object

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hands, are diseased, but in a less degree ; they are of a darkish-brown color,

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University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington;

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we may be nearly as sure that lie is gouty as if he had

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be guided by anatomic, pathologic and social conditions. 4.

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absence of all breath sounds in this part, and the presence of broncho-

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present civilization. Among these, and such as these,

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Dropsy from obstruction of Circulation of Blood through Liver. 627

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three pieces together constitute a siphon apparatus, by means of which

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and secretion of gland, so we regard thought as a property of the brain.

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that he was compelled to keep quiet, and a general tenderness around

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inflammatory character, there are two conditions in which

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a district-physician for ten years ; and though I feel rather unwilling

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tant still are the absence of j)ri()r or concurrent evidences of tuberculosis

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Others are content to merely tie in a secreted by the choroid plexus, since the

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existed slight laceration, were perfectly normal, the latter must be

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15. Gunshot Wounds. — Dr. G. H. B. Macleod, in some " Notes on the Sur-

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medicine, attributed to Hippocrates, which was the pre-

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and hence may be described as "healthy." It is quite obvious that a

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tem. I think that is the best way of treating most chronic

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