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obtaining a cure in a few days by the use of pastilles (lozenges),
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all, who has intrusted the proper training of children to parental care? What was
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work it emerges into larger tubes called veins, which converge
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Wilmington. Discussion by W. A. McPhaul, M. D., Charlotte.
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Further Advances in Physiology. Edited by Leonard Hill,
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Norwich), while the SIR was significantly elevated for
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the list of remedies, and neurotomy is mentioned favorably as an operative
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dividend check. And you’re here just reading this ad.
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Dental Sepsis and Systemic Disease.- H. Sewill ' notes
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indefinitely ill, or, at the most, only locally unsound.
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Effects of Food, Training, and Clothing on the Soldier " show
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holic habit the tendency to criminality and to insanity, and
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in the city which will have for its basis the merit system and
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The first term of the thirteenth college year will begin
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Diagnosis of Syphilis. — It is a mistake to place
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surgical one and consists, so far as we can learn, of injec_
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dry'tubs. No. 495480; April 18. 1893.— Oilmore (\V. M.)
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Actions and Uses. — Potassa, liquor potassse and potassa
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what would happen. If one proceeded to take partial co-efficients from the
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it cannot be depended upon as a trustworthy disinfectant.
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with pain, as she herself said, but with excitement. She now acknowledges
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left to themselves, is almost without exception towards death. It appears that
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associated with Dr. James Steven. These two carried on
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At 9 o'clock on the evening of the 21st inst., a negro woman,
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parts of the nasal mucous membrane, pointing to an abnor-
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such Physician and Surgeon, but not as an apothecary. His
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sordes on teeth ; mind clear. Hypodermic dose of morphia had no effect
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field who proclaimed the futility of the ancient pagan creeds, and
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