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extension of the process to the medulla, and intercurrent affections, such

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in neuralgia and ancestliesia, good results have been obtained.

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in chronic rheumatism, as well as iu the latter stages of acute rheuma-

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deep ulceration, and therefore often the precedent of perforation. Likewise

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bone which is loose should of course be removed, and in the worst cases

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honorary degree was conferred on S. C. M'Whirter, of Wilson Co.,

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BoTRYOMYCOSis. — Under this name softish tumours which occur singly

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neck, and is particularly beneficial in cases of congestion in the head.

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sive sublimate, the consequence of which was, the unhappy father was,

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addition to this case. Prof. Valentin mentions a child, two years of age,

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through the skin is much increased, and there is consequently increased loss of

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who believes the magnetizer's and magnetizee's tale, will believe any-

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, with any untoward event ; the b«inofrhage and pain were very siighti

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