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and Laennec maintained that carditis wrist. It is not stated particularly that

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taining a perfect view of the parts, the hemorrhage cannot always

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often attended with sickness, and followed by rapid extinction of

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but we insert it here in the hope of its being useful

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ing, that people who are competent to judge who shall

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great pain and vertigo; consequently, only a current from eight to ten

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may be as well to anticipate the matter somewhat at this point.

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typhus, and who has observed those fevers in all parts of Europe,

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upon the people, are not entitled, either in law or

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" Unless women," said the venerable Fellenberg, " are

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of the wrist? Jt appears then tiiat the following opinions present

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of nature and art. Three cases were ameliorated. In one the result was

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O'Caiside, who died in 1322 ; Gilla na naingel, who

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mulants : but since then sulphate of magnesia takes the first rank.

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the resulting intermediate potential of the two conducting mediums. This

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lids — fall directly upon the eyes themselves. —

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adjusted even more accurately than this; thus, with a resistance of 20,000

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** Cast thy burthen on the Lord, and he will sustain

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the forearm. This hand, which is incapable of any movement, cannot

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mountain and the sleeping vale — all were looked upon

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present among the physicians of the Continent apparently demon-

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Our own opinion on this point of pathology is ihis — Thatthii

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such a case. From the evidence the frequency is almost no-

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continuous current, and hence may be substituted by a series of galvanic

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and the country of the allegiance of this profession to the Union."

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action, in his opinion, produces startling results. He recommends the

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The Physical Relations of Electrolysis. Electrical Osmosis . 9

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was from fifteen minutes to an hour. Duration of each parox-

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the experienced and skilful physician is alone competent.

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penetrating the vitreous humor. The opening made in the anterior

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forty-nine pounds of calomel ! That statement alone

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tlie extreme vessels of the body, as is proved by the different

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ments. Unlike the foetal adenoma this is not in the form of circum-

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subsequently had become painful. The diagnosis was formed of a scir-

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