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blunt. The male is 83 mm. (3.2 inches) long ; the female 155 mm.

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marks, followed by atrophic changes, may be visible, as in a case that I

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temporo-sphenoid convolution. Destruction of that of the left side re-

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in an enlargement of the loAver turbinated processes, together with red-

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the pulse at the right wrist is strong and almost simultaneous with the

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constipation overcome. For the latter symptom enemata containing ox-

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again closely intermingled with foreign ingredients : the fine

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Definition. — An hereditary disease afi'ecting many members of a

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that of rheumatism. Of general s^'mptoms, the chief are fever and

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" Should take its place among the standard volumes on the bookshelf of both student

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seventh interspaces and to the left, and most marked between the

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resumed immediately. By giving only a portion of the food in this

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which fever is constantly present. The pulse is accelerated and feeble,

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numerous associative links is indeed an awe-inspiring maze, a kaleido-

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Improper hygienic surroundings, tending as they do to enervation

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eties are noted. Patients showing hysteric anesthesia are able to run

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power of the heart does not imply a complete cure of the impaired mus-

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in which "a carcinoma of the sigmoid was resected; the flexure

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Edited by Ludvig Hektoen, M. D.. Professor of General Pathology

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owing to the danger of uremia. Infection of the cyst with pus-organ-

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slide. Upon this is inverted a drop of blood hanging from the under

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the scope and usefulness of modern laboratory methods as applied to the

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that interested persons continue to watch, guide, and inspire him, in

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Treatment. — (1) Prophylaxis. — The patient should be taught the

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mouth in as clean and healthy a condition as possible.

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There are no trophic changes in the skin or the joints, and no visceral

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upon it. The vitreous may be turbid also. Retinitis is far less common

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where the application of ice bag and rest is the treatment em-

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prominent business men of Portland, whom he had known well and long,

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Other observers have noted changes in the motor cells of the cerebral

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degeneration are absent from the muscles. The prognosis and treat-

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a yellow color, owing to partial fatty degeneration ; still later it may

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also, the interstitial connective tissue. Beginning with marked hyper-

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the malleoli of the ankles, the dorsum of the foot, and the scrotum.

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gastritis there is an abundance of mucus {gastritis mucipara — Boas) ;

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ante) be of purely nervous origin, and produce a diarrhea that is to be

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glycerin or honey, applied once or twice daily by gentle brushing, is