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was no perception of light) that it was almost decided to excise

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tinued pressure from before backward, tense adhesions on the pos-

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and finally left off in the summer of 1907. The patient's

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change (compression of the capillaries by serous exudation) has a par-

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In generalised furunculosis, the opsonic method surpasses

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but the child was so weak that it was decided to get her back

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ment suffices for simple cases of dropsy without albuminuria.

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this has led to belief that the condition is a neurosis with

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aris, or with a continuous coating of thin desquamating layers of

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I have not touched upon the question of retroversion or

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the convalescents are usually very anaemic, and we may hear false

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actual copulation has taken place, or even before the erection is

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constantly found post mortem is an intense fatty atrophy of the pal-

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antrum into the middle meatus. This is, as a rule, lower

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was seen by her physician, who diagnosed acute peritonitis,

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symptom of disease. A father of a family, who is informed by his

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source of the sensation of pressure and temperature. If the neuralgic

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different forms, differing from each other both in their morbid

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the motor nerves, while no derangement, or, at least, no constant de-

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Eclampsia puerperal, treatment of case of, etc. (R. J. Johnstone) - - -97

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and depression as those of incomplete and gradually-developing anaemia,

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(hydrocephalus senilis), or from partial atrophy of the brain.

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able that it may be caused either way ; perhaps the worst cases are

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