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i'ection of one-eighth of a grain of the bichloride at midday, even when they had
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agents that do not possess the power of growth and reproduction, they have
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tor of so repulsive and atrocious an act. Moreover,
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driven by some supposed exigency to try ways and means out-
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have observed in CerconioTias (or Cercobodo) longicaiida is of interest. While
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The virus can be propagated indefinitely in guinea pigs without loss of virulence
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Infirniarj'. Dr Bramwell cordially agreed with him that these
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muscles are not considerable at the time the blow is inflicted, the appearance
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sary. In small goitres cosmetic considerations may indicate
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alterations in the quantity of fluid effusion within the spinal canal, or
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Coaptation is perfect if made so. Time is the object,
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small, and yet pregnancy to take place. The sound, too, is a
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thus no limit to the size of a carbuncle, and a brawny induration
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John Lovett Morse of Boston presented this paper, in
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of the excised uterus of the guinea-pig. The method has certain limi-
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elevatum diutinum, but on the other hand it exhibits urticarial
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four days afterwards. He had never before suffered from asthma;
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having been irregular at first ; from time to time at the menstrual periods
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largely caused by climatic causes over which we have
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stances concentrated there are required for their metabolism. The
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also head. Eyes a,re very much injected. Pupils respond well to
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autopsy a diverticulum of the pharynx was found lined with mucous membrane,
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ful inspection, have been erroneously charged with having caused his death.