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growth had originated from the optic papilla. Hence the case is not
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be guided by anatomic, pathologic and social conditions. 4.
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ly from its free edge in its anterior third, and partly
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both parents may yet escape with apparently slight taint.
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one, whic^ is usually quite separated from the tissue in which it is im-
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pounds and of the Staining of Pure Fats and Lipoids by Scharlach R and Sudan
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A. Herpes. — By this term we understand an affection characterised
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Pathology. — The classical experiment of Claude Bernard, demonstrat-
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the works of Ambrose Pare and J. L. Petit, we find that these
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treated a case with the same remedy and with entire success. Even in
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times affected with a condition similar to "Scratches." and while
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unless we find a clearly defined deposit to lie immediately above the
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ration is established all around, the eschar becomes loose and is de-
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The screen door should open outward and, if possible, should be exposed
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disputably neurotic cases ; and, inasmuch as they can be pulled out almost
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wards. There was only a " pneumonie vermineuse'* of the upper
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that pyremia had indeed begun ; the temperature and
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'* Such little books are chiefly of service as an index to the memory,
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accomplished incubation, the obturator need only be
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leg and foot are greatly enlarged by a bloating oedema ; the skin cover-
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into the bone on the forehead means practically one
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headache with gradually increasing nausea, followed
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Brit. M. J., Loud., 1899, ii, 765. — Brown (J. E. ) Con-
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; As to the therapeutics of granular conjunctivitis, the
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is supplied to the forearm, the portion of that nerve destined for the hand
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