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the dealers in medicine, or can be obtained by them to supply the calls of the sick.
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Atropine and Datmine.-'-^n 'account of the great similarity between
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remark a tendency to sympathetic affections of the other eye, and
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Are produced by frequent colds, wearing thin shoes, tight lacing, disappointment
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ance of external medicines, and sometimes not,) can health be restored to them
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a mulatto woman bore fair children to a white man ; and that the same woman had
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the size of the primitive muscular fasciculus." — Journal de P Anatomic
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We must not conclude this our brief and imperfect notice of
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even in' considerable quantity, into the stomach, no albuminuria
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more fully alluded to when my non-fatal cases of chorea shall have
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own wilL Inspiration saith love is stronger than death ; and parents should act
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acute laryngitis and acute tracheitis, affording a corresponding tem-
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cases of fever began to come in again. They had ceased during our
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smaller curvature much more than the cardiac orifice, which, if any-
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The Cavernous angioma is the type of the tumour in question.
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teaching of thai greal expounder of the Christian religion, St. Paul, who convi
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easier and better. For typical patients of this age or older the
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3 Tide Mr. Pridgin Teale, • Med. Times and Gazette,' May 11, ISe?.
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debiHty, nerve irritabiUty, digestive disturbances, dyspnea on
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out of fifty-eight cases, the left side was affected in twenty-three, and the right
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continues for a long time after their discontinuance, but is at last
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Yet another source of albuminuria from pressure is to be
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of mind enough to swallow it, following it up with mustard and
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Pathology, and Treatment. By G. Harley, M.D,, P.R.S.
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From the sixth to the twelfth day the patient was delirious
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rule of the origin of the disease by transmission from the sick
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1921 and 1922), this has not been the case. It seems possible,
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dead white, and the edges are not so sharp. The border of the
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tion 3 gm. in the first half-hour and urea in two hours 0.41,
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the risk of d; a1 home than venture into the streets of our unclean
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subliming and decomposing points of many substances approximate
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convex surface of the brain. In such cases, however severe
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positive. In checking a series of 559 hospital patients, the
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calculated and designed of God to nourish our bodies and prolong our days upon
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husbands turn out to be bad men. Many good men have been transformed into
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and the form of the attack. In the acute form, where the well
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by the names of Malgaigne, Nelaton, Blandin, and Bruns, and
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fewer than 199 cases occurred on the home station, indicating
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mained healthy till the 31st, when a man, who had been aiUng for a
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place, and developed themselves in the form of cancer, or other Bpeoiosof sore. Of
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4 mm.; however, there was a marked persistent erythema
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That consumption is greatlj influi need bj impure aft-, we may infer from the fact
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tion of the blood together with an affection of the kidneys. In
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appearances the softening of the spinal cord, the state of the heart's
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had suffered more or less severely. Whatever was the period of its