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and standardized by previous animal tests should be used in order

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the former. If the rickety child is under two years, the fontanelle,

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Hirsch and Rouge-Halstead operations, °^ non-recurrence, is not borne out by re-

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diminish in intensity ; at other times it is slight in the

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altogether unknown, and we shall, therefore, confine ourselves to a

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Thus much had we Avritten, when we received the following com-

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Hospital with bronchitis and emphysema. A month later he was attacked

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average range of strength in which it is most frequently

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steps. It appeared that he had gone into the cellar for the

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parasites ; another died, after his malarial infection was controlled, from

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sents somi- very siifnificant facts connected with med-

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immediately good result appears to be the rule in excision of

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berland filter. When this medium was inoculated with A. niger a

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on this investigation which was to determine the value

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(Gazz. degli Osped., No. 149, Dec. 15, 1901) placed in

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eases in a parent are indicative or highly suggestive of

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the arm, and which is so easily reduced ; while in the latter, the length-

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may be recognised during life ; also the turgescence of the mamma?.

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this Car is Positively Forbidden," and the result of the

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granules. The spheric fragments and hyaline strings are, on account

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upper jaw which is emphatically an inheritable feature ; among such is what

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When the aboriginal doctor has a case in which he deems it important

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ened thrombus need not present products differing in appearance fix)m

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tion, and indicated that while each worked in its own

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that an accurate diagnosis was impossible without anesthetics.

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itself for its simplicity, its rationalness, and its comparative freedom from

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take place in the pleural caviiy or not^ whether the latter be profuse

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to the back and up to the left shoulder, and to a less extent