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bach had shown that squills, ipecac, and other agents of a simi-

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•occurs in the middle-aged or old subject by ill-considered attempts

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is contrary to fact; fatigue ensues, and rest is necessary ; and

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tivity, with a pulse first rapid and irregular and then slow.

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infant's eyes during the progress of the head through the maternal passages.

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/August 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 8 477

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vasculosa is inaccurate. The same hypertrophy of the arterial

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the greatest extent to which the arms and legs could be extended. (For this

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students in the various universities in Canada, because

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example will survive and influence Surgery long after those

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2-D echocardiography were analyzed to see whether they

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bility of carbon dioxide. Normal milk cannot be considered saturated with

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But no doubt he will claim that the comparison is unfair,

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site remedies and modes of treatment have been recommended by

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fails when relapses take place. The rest of the world

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practice ; it is submitted that the Congress was wise in authorizing,

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appear, leaving more or less organic change. Professor

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the error of Liebig, by showing that during life the inter-

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pyretic treatment of specific fevers. Gla-sgow M. .1., 1878,

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activity of the tubercle bacilli ; the destructive process ceases to advance

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torpor, from which she recovered in part but remained in bed during