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point to the conclusion that frequently domesticated animals
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These examples may serve to show the probable manner in
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in Leucoma. — Dr. Gradenigo, of Venice, reports a case of a man,
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made iu attributing to Dr. Munroe, of Hull, a communication re-
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upon the results of the bacteriological examination.
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using it,— by changing the temperature, compress, as they are superior to all other
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system, any other means than those which are calculated to aid in
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spreads out and presents on either side of the median line the
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sympathetic nerve fibres, it strengthens the involuntary efforts
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roid. There was also blood in the urine, ducing catheter into uterus and keeping it
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and, above all, the efficacy of this treatment in inducing sleep is
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culty, and some stiffness remaining in the arm. The principal
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the ruptured cord comes in contact with the fecal matter or dust
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died of "black head" to the Bureau of Animal Industry where
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as will pull out those that are diseased, and leave the rest
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imbued so many minds, with respect to the use of food in fever,
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given, instead of increasing has diminished, while keeping up
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of the ears cause the ears to be " pricked " and their tips to be
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ticipate in the proceedings and discussions; the meetings of the House of Delegates
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The terminations of yellow fever, by no means, depend upon
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cures, when the disease is once introduced as it is in a very
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Dr. Taylor has resigned from the StaflF of The State Hospital at Morganton
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caseous lymphatic glands and Sivori as caseous broncho-pneu-
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choking and struggling. causes much loss of blood, replacing it with
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etc. It was, however, possible to find and position in the feces — each egg devel-
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1 Any of the foreign works may be procured hy application to "Williams
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that the nervous centres are drained of blood and force to a
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to select perplexed me some. The one I shall characterize as th>
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nearly horizontal position, the upper border of the shoulder pro-
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come to some understanding as to whether there is any scientitic
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work is, the author himself will probably be among the first to
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ap. I was called to her in consequence of her having thrown up
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tion, in which the heart participates, it will hardly be maintained,
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saw one case, said to be typical, where the ciently wide geographic range has been ex-