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extensive institute where cases from all over the continent re-

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history of the habits of these patients, dietary errors were always

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respond to the remedies that experience has indicated as

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144. Mr. L. W. B. H., set. 15, June 5, '99. Variety, spas-

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actual appearances of the cystic ovary may be very well imitated in the basin

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poisoning. Only within the last few years, and before the recent

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trypanosomes are present in the blood in pure culture and hence all experi-

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from its nature inoperable, then and then only are we

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truly remarkable, the disease having advanced apparently to its last stage

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tracted cases, attended with unwonted vascular congestion,

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of oppression, and palpitation, with lumbago and di|

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bare feet, and care being taken that he neither increases nor lessens

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margins of the wound being stitched together. This would not be

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and progresses until the lumen is partly or wholly occluded, and the entire

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the then known properties of the X-Ray. With his usual

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stomach. The bowels are usually at first constipated. There

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from bedroom into operating-parlor. One feels there is

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poultices should be large, but light, and covered with oiled silk, or

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are oftener affected than girls. It occurs oftener in some situations than in

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10. ramus communlcans pro m. depressor anguli oris (triangularis menti) et levator labii Inferioris (levator meuti) ; 11,

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spinal column would sustain either fracture or dislocation,

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Baltimore, has suggested, as a remedy for gout, on chemical grounds, the

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For some days prior to his death, his expectoration was sanguinolent,

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specific disease, but not necessarily accompanied by ulceration of

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ment of the main disease, and, as usually but little can be effected to