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suggest a regret that they should have been employed upon so scanty a per-

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its effect on the after treatment more than good. Strong essence of peppermint on a

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tion thrown over them, by thus attributing the retention in

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Does Mr. Whitehead " expect us to accept his assur-

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gotten, viz., (a) the general swelling of the features

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the winter, as, also, the tropical night and day indicate a greater equality

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Indians representing forty-two different tribes, on exhibition

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country towns and villages. A short time ago, alsoj we quoted

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idly followed by the placenta having, upon its uterine surface*

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generally an intention tremor. (See p. 95 1 .) It is frequently associated

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have classified among the cutaneous tuberculoses, and which there-

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made, and if necessary preceded by hot applications in order to

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tion in that the food is again masticated, while in the latter this process

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strictement ana&robies. Arch. med. exper. 10:517-

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of 1,388 ; Dr. Orange, Broadmoore, lunatics, 2 out of

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quantities, light beer, white wine mixed with water, and a change of air

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which is in its nature depressant or destructive to the tissues ;

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Cholera Germs in River Water. — A report from Manila to

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cases sight was restored, though slowly, and nearly

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The virus can be propagated indefinitely in guinea pigs without loss of virulence

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amyloid disease of the viscera. The liver and spleen are. enlarged, the urine b

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tion of passing very cloudy urine, the patient seemed well

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in engineering operations. In diving-bells, in mines in which compressed

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Sib,— Our Profession h:is boasted of several eminent members of the

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(vegetative, somnolescent) to the sexually mature (adolescent) stage,"

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efiects, the medicines may still be given, and still are needed.

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had occurred. Dr. Taylor calls attention to the fact that nothing is said

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as we shall show while treating of Bright^s disease, is one of the ac-

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* The epitaph opens as follows, and continues in similar strain : —

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clothing, surrounding objects, etc., acting in a reflex way through