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honourably associated with the progress of science, and most inti-

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insane has, perhaps indiscreetly, been awarded. The treatment of

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auricles and passes down through the lung into the reservoir.

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oftentimes they are irregular; Cheyne-Stokes l>reathing may be

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administered to such an extent as to destroy the consciousness of

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the philosophic Greek sects and was that recommended by Hippo-

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essentially a disease of early life, few cases occurring outside the limits of

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to have a large supply of a given lot of the medium. Results obtained with one

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Experiments on Rabbits, in All of Which the Nerves Were Divided between the Left

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relieve. But in severe cases hypodermics of morphia must be resorted

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were many areas of erosion. The transplant was 3 by 1.5 cm., and appeared

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solution or of the filtrate from the mixture of serum and agar pre-

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A gastro-enteritis, in which there is marked interference with digestion,

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neoplasia, are not frequent. Osteoma of the cerebellum has been found to

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15. Friedemann, U., and Isaak, S., Ueber Eiweissimmunitat und Eiweiss-

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resemble a typical epithelium more closely than the membranes

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source. In April, ten children and three adults were carried off by

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structure remains.' In the stage where gray matter ijredominates the

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horse serum for 2 hours at 38°C. in the presence of agar, which has

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are based on the heart and pancreas isolated from the numerous

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in the outer edge of the cicatrix. It was necessary, therefore, to

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— administers the only treatment that science can

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clonic convulsions is a short period of muscular relaxation, during which

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cline in later stages, and the proliferation of these cells stops in cer-

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again manifested itself. Ultimately, complete restoration to health

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and quite unexpected ; in the majority of cases the patient was in

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was 65^ the wind being from the south of east with rains. The low-

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approximately the same as that determined for normal rat connec-

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deposits were detected in the semilunar and mitral valves. The

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significance of agglutinins and opsonins in the mechanism of natural

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pressed against the base, as it were, of the tumour, that is found hi