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tion. If the patient has not been accustomed to cold water in any

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rhage — conditions of which they were most probably the cause.

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a very great addition and a great boon. The trees have beau-

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combination apparatus for exact hydrotherapy in any institution in

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or, in other words, that secondary sources of infection are numerous

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the duty of every physician Avho treats typhoid fever to be prepared to

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motor activity renders it, a superficial organ, plethoric, and

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febrile diseases, not only in fevers, depending upon heat retention, but

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At the suggestion of Dr. Norcross, of Philadelphia, oxygen

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poor old slave, whom he is torturing to death, the better to

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in diet. The meal must be kept well sealed, or it turns rancid

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surgeon should look to the condition of the wound if one is present.

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An intestinal irrigation of one-half litre of water slightly impregnated with

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the urine may also show tube-casts (rarely) and pus-cells. Macroscopic

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the temperature somewhat, but also to sustain the vital forces, to control

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Professor Casper, of Berlin, placed the patient in an empty tub, if

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O. R. .\Iabee, Geo. Nasmyth. arJson. W. Warner 'Jones.

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Cough during the early stage is controlled by the morphin needed to

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the opposite side, and when effusion occurs under the latter exceptional

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convinced of the therapeutic value of cold water in fevers, he states

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above the external angular process of the orbit and one and

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marked by critical discharges. In most instances, however, the patient

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reduced by water, and by infected water, too. The Experi-

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as a rule, as the diarrhoea is serious, and I suppose the diar-

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two degrees until 60° is reached, the patient's abdomen is well

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talked the matter over with me and the first officer, and we

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vania, and Philadelphia hospitals, and has given promise of being a

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because we believe that the importance of ])ed treatment of these

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Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Man — The Physician and Tuberculosis —

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(including, in part, the fever) are chiefly dependent upon the Avell-

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sigmoid — and the rectum ; but it may be general, and I have seen an

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Among measures to prevent ether-pneumonia I would urge an appro-

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tion by {a) its gradual onset, unaccompanied by severe rigor; (i) the

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process is going on ; while in still others it is completed and puckered

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against the diagnosis of general miliary tuberculosis, since they may

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present is not intense, save in rare instances. Pressure upon the ileo-

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serum was injected directly into a vein, but hypodermoclysis Avill prob-