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intervertebral cartilage ; a distinct synovial membrane is on each
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Lohr records a case of poisoning with the above salt, which has a special
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colour is due to the yellow pigment which is always present in muscles
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1. The adult Plasmodium of malaria is destroyed in the blood
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syphilis, such as pustules and tubercles, spare the sebaceous glands,
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bromides with salicylate of soda. In the later stages, after the acute pain
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ing of unrest in the limbs associated with the impression of an irre-
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classes, it has been patiently endured in the hope that
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projects, which would start in September and continue
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knew of no family predisposition to phthisis. The physical
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This was then settled by means of the centrifugal machine, and the sediment
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pattern move consists of an exploration along a line between the new base point and the
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No. 12. I have been fortunate enough to obtain some female statistics,
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the bodies were being collected preparatory to opening
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or moderate counter-irritation, by warming or belladonna plasters,
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nitrates and nitrites. As to the utilization of sewage, we have shown the
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weather of winter. After two or three years of tliis alternation, there
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out. These toxic substances induce extensive morbid processes
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has ceased ; in rare cases, by reason of a very glu-
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surgical ward of Mr. Miller. It occurred in a woman, who, when tipsy,
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approximated with absorbable sutures. Without being radically con-