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jumped into a top-wagon, and after a spirited drive arrived just
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the wants of the Profession in this important department. He
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J. L. Tyson, M. D., Oct., Nov., Dec , A. Hewson, M. D.
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disease, and which permits the taking in at a glance all
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from co-existing affections and other concomitant circumstances.
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Dr. Bell spoke of the highly satisfactory results from
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the irritability of the urinary organs was greatly allayed,
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Rule 5. During the open sessions, a motion to go into executive ses-
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shoulder, and was due to the paralysis of the nerves
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sultation. The latter advised a Taylor brace with the jury-mast,
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the administration of alcohol by wine, (Bordeaux, Bour-
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an abundant liquid in the bronchi ; an examination of
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by a speedy subsidence of the pain ; but the effect was
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body, in order to return first the parts which escaped
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Trusting that you will continue your efforts to relieve your
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that it originates within the parietes of the abdomen.
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tion for dogs; miniature recreations of infamous murder
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1971 and instructed to report on six specified and widely divergent subjects (including a
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treme anaemia, with a pulse at 140, and a loud cardiac
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Dr. Fort, like many other competitors, was unsuccess-
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first large, soon diminishes with each act of micturition, but the