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and codeine are soporific, while papaverine, thebaine,
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was recommended to conduct the investigation — as
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and careful study of the effect of heredity in trans-
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lip of the cervix incised in the median line, the knife be-
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or entirely inhibit the coagulation of casein. Quite
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eyestrain headache to puerperal fever, syphilis has
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in the region of the pylorus was found about the size of
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in the consideration of this glycosuria. Of related etiology are
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Street and Brooklyn Homeopathic Hospital was held on
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first I'ischer's work found little support and attract-
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lution (normal salt), a thick creamy emulsion ensu-
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walked upon the soles of his feet. Third, exercis ^
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become disquieting and had led to renewed precautions in
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stopped and on May 20, 1910. c.c. of vaccine was in-
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the nasal tract, a careful and thorough examination
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Coronary arteries showed numerous atheromatous plaques
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6. A Case of Carcinoma of the Crccum Removed after a
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cities was among the chief causes of the social dis-
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cancer and other malignant tumors, 17 ; simple meningitis,
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better diffusible stimulant than alcohol in cardiac
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11. Evolution of Racial Types of Europe: Its Bearing on
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treated. Nothing was done for this condition. There were fractures
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perineal wounds were mopped with full strength tincture
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The folknving cases of and deaths from cholera, plague,
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ment of syphilis, in preventing the dev^elopment of
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Smith. Journal of the American Medical Association,
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and if they are cast into a fire it will spread no farther.
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supported by exhibits and lantern slides, to address
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Wood. The officers-elect for the term commencing Jan-
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a hazardous undertaking to administer this prepara-
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shorter period, he had faithfully labored, if he were
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the "Jukes'" — if a "plus x" was placed in the en-
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and strength against illness and pain ; he would have
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the wounds prior to the application of the varnish,
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symptoms of incoordination, with paralysis of hind leg*;.
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1. Malitjiiant Disease of the Nasal Passages : Its Diag-
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tem, says : "I assert, as the result of my observa-
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