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about the central vesicle, and the area of inflammation is enlarged

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strong. A teaspoonful of salt to a pint of water is about right.

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diseases. liideed we are always tempted to refer muscular inflamma-

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it is no longer indicative of healthy jjhysiological action. Under

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1823, — celebrated for the discovery of vaccination, — many honors

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If such be the fact, it only adds one to the long list of

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food. The tissues of the body are rebuilt daily to some extent and

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to Virginia, where he became the president of William

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<>ut over the whole surface of the body. It becomes more active,

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phates, various salts and fat. The microscope shows that bone

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sity of the suffering. Ordinarily the paroxism is not intolerable,

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of both the University and the College. The Univer-

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the phenomena are described imder the heads of the various organs or systems

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material that might easily be harmful to the renal parenchyma.

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organs of circulation give way ; and death results from toxaemia and

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connection with, other complications. Fatal coma appears, either

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the nations, bringing in their train greater ease of living and love of

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their food and such indigestion is the usual beginning of diarrhceal

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ralgias. On the other hand, the more severe and wide-spread neu-

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yet fully informed. . The capacity of the cells of the bodj' for burn-

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apart from tinnitus. Dieulafoy* describes severe pain in the ears and face

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prosperity for the College. In 1873 it was incorpo-

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obstruction from the secretion of hardened wax or other foreign body,

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Almshouse, at Bellevue, 79 ; converted into a hospital, 80.

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jects can be but little more than the elaboration of these hackneyed

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exist between the poisons of intermittent and of rheumatic fever have

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suffering from this loathsome affection, or its subtile poison may

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cer. 6. Hydatid Disease. IV. — Bright's Disease. V.

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has a short period of incubation, during; which the patient feels as

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are wont to pass before the patient's friends are aware of the situ-

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at regular intervals, until they are terminated hy the renewal of artic-