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of the wonderful phenomena recently found to accompany and surround the

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taining belladonna and sulphur. Light diet, frequent

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Griesinger's French translator, they tell us that " it was soon

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to periodical fevers, passive hemorrhages, and those other forms of disease

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artery vanishes, and the veins soon cease to be appreciable.

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influence, as the geological structure of the soil, the exposure to

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is to have one of its surfaces moistened with Hume's test; it is then to be held

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their expenditure, &c., as well as the correspondence and instruc-

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5th. "That the danger increases with the age of the patient. — London Med.

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W. H. Richardson, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women

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In 1925, he opened his first office in downtown Chattanooga, moving in 1929

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he endeavours to point out the distinction that may be observed between the two

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condition continued until Monday, when she passed gradually into the state in

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tival hypenemia and lacrymation. My proposal to perform enu-

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Previous to marriage there had been a settlement on the wife, for her separate

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a glass tube. By this means I obtained several distinct steel-like crusts,

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observes that, in certain instances of inflamed uterine cancer, the

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of sea weed were deposited upon the beach, and its decomposition was

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and most furious of them all. Its favorite feeding-

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In fact, both Drs.Maud8leyand Griesinger admitonlyamaterial

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tions practised in the Nineteenth Century for their relief. By James

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ones which we see in this country, but in some instances it

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cade ago is no longer practised. For instance, it is now

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She was at first treated by steel in various forms, and frequently

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a tesselated epithelium. Here^ then^ is a pathological structure

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several attempts to evacuate more fluid, the canula was removed and again in-

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uterine deviations, fibrous tumours, and hysteralgia, can be

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painful breathing, and tenderness over the pleural inflam-

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who wishes to make a speedy reference to any particular point.

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