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however, present the characters indicative of chronic Bright's disease,
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of a liability, on ©ur part, to transgress, a little, the rules of pro-
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ease itself. We have no present means of determining in a given case
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The heart was both enlarged in substance and exceedingly
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large number perished.'' This section of the Report concludes
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Examiner in Medicine at Apothecaries* Hall, London.
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studded with miliary tubercules. Rest of the body not
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purpurium, clevers, oil of juniper, acetate of potassa,
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hacking, somewhat hurried respiration, cutting pains
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proved in this case, as it has in many others, eflleclual.
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not consent to enter a hospital and have the radical operation
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not, therefore, need any special description. Slight fits or threataungB
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hypertrophied spleen successfully, it has been proven over and over again
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these tissues. The solutions are applied as injections, or
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Naso-pharynx defects, number rejected on account of 84
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fever of a high grade, and marked prostration of the vital forces.
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•bility remaining, even if the active inflammatory symptoms have been
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ment of white people, in many of whom are found the elements of
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and Examiner in Pathology in the University of Glasgow.
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to lift ins; a weij^ht of one hundred and fifty pounds with
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1 Consult Pick, Arch. f. path. Anat. (etc.), Berl., 1909, cxcvii, 490 (literature).
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are seen to be empty or collapsed. 3. The size of the
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firm, aud is made up of fibrin and degenerated cells.
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partnership with him tiU his death in 186.5. Mr. Brown was a