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urinary system ; the glandular system ; the cutaneous

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masses of pigment [12] such as we know to be produced by the

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upon the market in a similar package \o that in which the genuine "Sander & Sons" Eu-

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with neurotic disorders. It is highly important that this pathological

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blance to diseases already known, and meet it by remedies analogous to such

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tight, but just so as to keep the parts in their places; put on a

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assist in surgery. Fully equipped medical suite including

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Much loud rumbHng in the abdomen often precedes stool. The

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vulsive disease, probably owing to worms," anthelmintic remedies are

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regulations (43 CFR 3400), to be a qualified surface

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the nerve becoming exhausted, or losing its restraining influence, when the heart being

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great man, hut indicated the political thought of the German confederation.

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lameness gradually increased, although in fine weather

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convulsive movement, and at times exhilaration are not an uncommon

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of the physician than for that of his patient." The truth

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Remarks.— Dermatoziasis in the wider sense of the word means

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tions — fear of secondary hemorrhage or premature menstruation — is not

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cases I have never come across one yet, and I do not

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death is almost always the end of this chronic form of the disease. If

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Diagnosis. — Direct. — A positive diagnosis may be made from the

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was, like his son in after years, physician to Guy's

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calomel given twice a week was a necessary adjunct if

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typical acute reaction following a simple uncomplicated obstruction

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W. M. Auden(B.A.), M. A. Bambv, W. J. Bell, Robert Benuie, J. G. Bentham,