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sphygmanometer that the vicarious emptying of other organs cannot

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portunity to look for sediment. Always use the tube quietly.

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The diminished, pulsating outflow would seem to indicate an anti- or

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The diagram indicates that in the normal fatigue curve (Fig. 12)

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hair enhances the local temperature effect, which is intensified by the

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course, and the complications of the disease. Kheumatic fever is sub-

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pathogenic nature of these protozoa has not been determined.

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a previously enfeebled system, and old age (the disease being more fatal

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almost as certain in establishing a diagnosis of true diphtheria as a bac-

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The Durian. — Here is another East Indian fruit. The

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town and puts out a sign. We will call him Dr. A. Smith.

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* Blatter fur klinische Hydrotherapie, November, 1893.

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pages and an analysis of the reasons offered to prove the superiority

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vegetables and a moderate amount of any kind of meat. He

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and from California we get them quite early in the spring.

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merely blood-stained, or the hemorrhage may be excessive and prove

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The general management, including the use of stimulants, in this

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' hysterogenic zones, ' the touch of which would call forth one of those spells.

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accept as adequate any theory of the causation of scurvy thus

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^The name Acetophen will identify "Frosst's" products

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is Ehrlich's reaction, or the diazo reaction, as pointed out to