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under the tub and be folded over its lower end so as to cover the knees.
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so contagious that they formed a habit of sending in these
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By infection we generally understand the entrance into the body of living
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pression was an arrest of the circulation and consequent
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Whether these sums are too large or too small is a question
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which allays the pain will often cause the disappearance of the cyanosis
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9 cases, 2 days in 5 cases, 3 days in 6 cases, and 4 days in 1 case. As a general
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It does not follow that all such affections necessarily
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and exudate accounts for the great diversity of symptoms. Fraenkel has
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"aoressin theory." When tubercle bacilli, typhoid bacilli, dysentery
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medical examiner, and much will depend upon the care and
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the growing epidermis is always found at the edge. All layers of the skin
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cured. Buoyed up by the prospect of an early return to his
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The dark lines represent the number of cases of smallpox in Massachusetts for each month in
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record completely distanced the table. For the decade be-
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feels practically well. While this may occur in typhoid fever, as a rule even
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intense when the pocks develop beneath the nail. The patient usually
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cially the gradually cooled bath. During the fever the bowels should be kept
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Then I have always advocated a close relationship be-
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in a marked degree that charming lucidity in the ^^?^q^7
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It does not seem that we have any satisfactory explanation for this seasonal
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signs; the bronchial breathing lasted four days after the crisis. Aufrecht
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diagnosis at once, for in the contents of the syphilitic pustule or in scrapings
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liver region with tenderness and perhaps slight enlargement. The common
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occupied by the patient. He claims to have cut short the disease by this
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formance cannot reveal incipient or latent lung disease; nor,
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tory movements decrease and the tenderness with rigidity and muscle spasm
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nephritis 7 times, or in 4.7 per cent. — a higher percentage than in the
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d^-ing five to twelve days after the onset the exudate is more abundant and
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course. In 54 autopsies no cases Vvdth well-developed pustules were
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epidemics. In one epidemic one particular complication may be quite
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of the $75 which they would otherwise obtain. Although
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extent and mortality of smallpox all over the civilized world. As an example,
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produced by retraction of the lung. According to Jtirgensen, it occurs as the
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occasion, to make three or four examinations, one or two of
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There is great oedema, especially of the face. In'the mucous membranes the
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always dominant, and it is but a rational inference that the
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intensity to tlu bronchus, and the vibrations are in turn conducted back
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