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work which acts as a solvent of bone, rather than a massive pressure. One or
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ganic substance," but thereby demonstrating that the
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Eughes Bennett as to the natare and mode of production of leucocythemia.
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of chronic parenchymatous inflammation with swelling ;
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frequent contact with manure and decomposing organic matter
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same fate, the intra-ocular tissues being thus pushed into
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referring back to his own cases, he found that some had no
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Stone in the Bladder, and in all Diseases of Uric Acid Diathesis, I knovr of no remedy at all compar-
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increased peristalsis of tlie bowels upon the liver and
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occurred the night before but was not severe. The paralysis was
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required for ihc purpose. The female dci>osils her (•(7(7.t to the num-
days, then was mixed with respiratory murmur, which by de-
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i l:> poi U I by Mr 5and< i ion, ( linii al Clerk.
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nic tooth powder, put twice the above quantities of gold, silver,
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ease. It was Pasteur's investigations in connection with
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* Clinic reported for International Clinics by Dr. Thos. Linn, of Nice,
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tive possibilities, but we should have many in our own
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intermingled. And although Montague was confined to his room as
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statistics are significant: On October i, 1887, there
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being present. In one the grow^th was from the cervix.
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Dr. EJson, first of all, mistakes in assuming that in
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The American Army received a few attacks of this nature when they
established controversial special admission programs to
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a member of the faculty of the New York Homoeopathic
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much of excessive tissue action, as of that very similar action which
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four hours for two or three times. When the hepatitis
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iEstivo-Autumnal Infections. — There occur in the blood in irstivo-
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healthiest states, Utah, enjoy the lowest overall disease
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1,000; showing that 15 per cent of the 1,000 examined (over one-half of the
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into both sides of the abdomen, enclosing the left kidney and in-
Tuberculous kidney, sliowina; the process extending along the ureter in the form of miliary deposits.
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the two sides of the same skull. A bony septum, which is very rarely
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Dr. DulaiK-y, iit the lliispitul fur Kpilcptifs iiiitl I'ani-
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Internal Medicine Grand Rounds - 7:30 AM; Sioux Valley Hospital Auditorium; Speaker: to be announced;
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arising in connection with other organs may be infection proceeding
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Orthop. Ass. 1887-8, Bost., 1889, i, 31-33. . The treat-
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