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Webster 8 C. R Macdonnell Marshfield E. G. Beers Seymour

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Phelps-Crawford-Dent-Pulaski County Medical Society

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strength of rcipiired stimulus, summation and indeed all the othei- phys-

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received here. The • • • Soap Company, Buffalo, N. Y., takes 75 per cent of the

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shall be covered and made water-tight by the use of a metal screw cap and"

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rigid precautions^ it was possible to estimate from the number of

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diseo\ereil was to cousiih'r tliat in mammals inne of this synthetic i>r

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ance as those grown upon glycerin -potato; furthermore, the culture

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tells us that he found choroidal tul:)ercles post mortem in 39 out of

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Medium: Isotonic solntions of peptone, tM per cent, in sodiwm chloride

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certain of the cases of illness among the children in the X House, not

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have been brought forward against the possibility of estimating the

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to be enclosed in definite vascular spaces. Similar cell-nests are found in

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outbuildings, or premises are so Infected that the same can not be disinfected, they may

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43. Gross specimen from a case of syphilitic mesarteritis of the aorta,

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of a recognized breed, and duly registered by one of the affiliated foreign associations

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with the following members and visitors present: J. R.

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Entered as Second-Class Matter, February 18, 1925, at the Post Office at Fulton, Mo., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Accept-

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This work was begun in June, 1905, and the first series of experi-

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ing tissue and the deep femoral vein is identified.

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of valves located at intervals along the sides of the tank, and they

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thropathy. Report of a case with a description of the histology of the

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Fig. 2. Tubercle bacilli from culture Case XIV, after passage through cats.

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account of slight bruises, which can not be properly removed until the carcass is chilled,

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and Missouri, details of work for eradication of cattle tick, 1906 105

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anatomischen Anstalt vom 1 Februar 1854 bis Ende Marz

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begun, the entire gland was sacrificed, serial blocks made and sections cut

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Infant Care — O. F. Bradford, Columbia, Chairman (1948);

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spindle-shape form. The second (Fig. 2) is a culture in plasma plus

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this summer to discuss medicolegal conditions. No ac-

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(3) Two groups of visceral lymphatic glands and one organ in a single body cavity,

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lii'Stc'W.irt, <*. X., l{„, .1. M., .-iml (iil,s,.n: J"Ur. I'liHini. jin.l Kxiut. Tlicnip., l!»lf>,

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from the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

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which the hepatic ducts empty is lined in places with fiattened epithelial

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2. Goldwater, Leonard J. : A Future for Industrial Medicine.

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explored with a fairly stiff hair, it will bo found that there ■•ht onlv

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physicians. More detailed information will be found in

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protection of the hospital, should be dispensed with.

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fowls in Howard County, Md. About 10 per cent of the birds died. The

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