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may be double. Convulsive movements, limited to a hand, or arm, or

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have taken place. Thus in the misty past we find the " Healer," who, by some gift of nature or temperament, was

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quantities, a few drops at a time, could be taken with very great difficulty

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puftule appeared 16 days ago, and healed again, from the fite of

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Trans. B. xx. 1888. 60. SEGUIN. Trans. Amer. Neurol. Ass. 1877. 61. SEMON.

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happens in traumatic articular inflammations, the acute

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is in man. Three kinds were observed, viz., the distinct, the con-

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Such a condition as Prof. Cooper describes is admirably adapted

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period covered by the report — from November i, 1888^

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healthiest states, Utah, enjoy the lowest overall disease

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of intrathoracic disease, I made the double diagnosis of cervico-

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in the form of a figure 8 over the two ends of the needle,

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sensation, accompanied by warmth about the back of the throat and a

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and there is no cholera on board, and none was known

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only in their own opinion but in that of others. There is

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inflammatory character, there are two conditions in which

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evidences of the auricular activity are visible at a slower and

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— Suture of pleura and parietes. — Of these there were nine. All

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say that he knows that language. Let him then set down and

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Such is not true of arsenauro, even though the full

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But it was found that 4"7 to 6'3 centimetres in circumference

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Streptococci have been found in the vegetations of the endocardium

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presence of 0.025 c.c. of fresh guinea-pig complement, should be

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muscles causes writhing movements, or swaying from side to side, as

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is very rare in our courts, and it would not be fair to con-

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used for them at all ; and I have since seen the same doctrine stated in print.

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uncommonly interesting book is presented to those who have any dispo-

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separated for purposes of cleansing, is another feature of

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When opened the tumor presented a cavity containing

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perverted action, or arrests its operations. There is reason, therefore, to

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The second class are found in the brain, medulla oblongata,

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osmic acid, hematoxylin and eosin, Mann's methylene-blue eosin, toluidin-blue

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grams nationally are responsible for developing projects