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fever. The coroner instructed the jury that the woman's
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gested that this should take the form of some permanent ex-
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practised his profession until 1866, when he removed to Port
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Case n. -A man fractured his patella, and was treated in the old way
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Sir George Johnson, Messrs. Ball, Clifiord Beale, Bowlby, A.
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to the ounce, the last, made at the end of June, 4 a. The boy was re-
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Tliere was two inches shortening of the right leg, and the
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strict supervision at home. Early in the month a case was found in the
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they are familiar may in many cases render service by com-
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Journal, November 19th) opened with the words : " Diph-
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ration would be signalled by the pause of 20 sees., which Dr.
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one of them— nor yet, indeed, the antiseptic treatment itself
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2. The acquisition by the Royal Colleges of the powers to
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Pas Gesetz der Te ansformation beb Knochen. [The Law
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pointed to the officiating medical charge of the Uth Sikhs, vice Surgeon-
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E. S. O'Grady, Dr. E. K. Johnstone, Mr. Erayden, E. H.
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of the stump, is the operation I have most often performed,
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Paralysis: case of Exophthalmic Goitre with special symptoms: case of
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for January 21st there are certain further inquiries, to all o£
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Society. They will learn that, under the name of "telepathy "
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rises into the abdomen, and that all we shall be called upon
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January 1st. Members of Branches are requested to pay
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There are some misprints, but not more than are usual in a
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this is consistent with the parasitic origin of cancer.
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An influential and wftll attended meeting was held at the house of Mr.
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Fielden, of Owens College. Manchester; A. E. Sears, of London
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assuming the existence of a poison circulating in the blood,
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t)ie least suspicion that everything is not keeping sweet. It
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some cases of scarlatina subsequently arose among the
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he was subsequently otlered one guinea as a fee by the reputed father
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one ; of stone he has more than enough on his croft, but
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and 448 in the preceding two weeks ; of these. 126 resulted from measles,
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culties and dangers. First, it is very difficult in many cases
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to an adult head. I have, however, operated successfully for
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>f "epidemic dropsy," and gave the following definition:
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"continued spread "of cholera at Grand Fort Philippe near (iravelines,
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to be twisted by a blow or fall ; the patient " goes black in the
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years 1889-90-91. Tlie lowest death-iates in the various sanitary districts
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In view of the great and coustautly-increasing pressure on our space, wc
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1878, to June, 1879. bringing together the facts and the
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is expected to afi'ord an opportunity of making more accurate
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Errors in their Administration. The paper was produced ia
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But to put liis conclusions more distinctly forward, and
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would not at all assist the higher education of London. It
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Underbill proceeded to operate. The heart was again ex-