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and I have never seen the course of the disease favorably influenced by its

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first sj'mptom noted being swelling of the face, extending in a few days

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Scrapings as an Aid to the Diagnosis of Diseases of the

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rate of 150 to 300 per minute and its equally sudden cessation after

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people. The enrollment for the year reached 79 — 145 young men, with

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Fifteenth question : Have you sewers to carry off such water-sup-

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possible to obtain an accurate history of her previous

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poisoning. But by far the most frequently of all does pericarditis

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8'', ascending ramus of the same ; c, sulcus centralis ; A, anterior, B, posterior central couYolution ; Fi, superior, ¥^

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containing radium side by side on the skin, one lying loosely,

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61.— Wilson (G.) Hereditary polydactylism. J. Anat.

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as it is found in benign as well as malignant conditions. Besides it

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of danger to the difficulties of communication. Hence every occasion

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life members and non-resident members, and one is a corresponding

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ed to it by its two ends, leaving a space between the instrument

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isbury. On behalf of All Souls' College, Sir Henry Ar-

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the hernia, a week's treatment by this method will usually

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way the weight of tiie uterus carries it downward as

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Gunshot wounds of every variety are classed in the Army Medical Reports,


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is behind the posterior level of the urethra. The prostatic urethra is

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author proposes the word depurn the— depending upon the

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practitioner has been arrested and fined in London for

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stand this subject, it still remains very obscure; and perhaps

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radiogi-aphs which are, as far as possible, typical of the conditions treated of.

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{)lications. The general lines governing the treatment of the

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alterations of the nerves, without, however, ascertaining the

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Julia Fonienelle) has taken an active part. We here publish the results

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1894, lix, 746-750. Aiso, Reprint.— Eates (F. D. "W.) Eye-

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New York reports, under the present defective method of register-

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alive largely through the mild and unrecognized cases. Scarlet fever

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nant, renders his meaning obscure in more places than one: